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September 23, 2009 - 3NF brings Scarab Research to Japan!
We are proud to announce our partnership with Scarab Research to bring their cutting edge platform to Japan. This is one of the best ways we know for bringing more money to online retail stores. A true win-win solution for everyone involved.
Click here to see the press release!

2009 - 3NF expands features for accounting and billing system.
Design of this system started five years ago, with the first implementation in 2005. We continue to evolve the system with our clients, ensuring that it continues to meet their changing needs.

2009 - 3NF adds Change Management module to ERP system.
The management of Change Requests is a time consuming task for corporate managers and executives. Reviewing, approving, disapproving, discussing, all take time, and requires teams of people and a formal process. Our new CM module makes all of that much easier.

2008 - 3NF secures top Japanese bank for custom ERP package.
After some years of developing and supporting a large scale ERP package for the finance industry, our first client was secured for our new product. Tens of thousands of records are processed every day by this system, as it manages resources, users, and Service Desk activities.

2007 - 3NF develops iPod drug data server for medical industry.
We've always wanted to develop something to support the ubiquitous iPod platform, and this project was ideal. Doctors and nurses wanted to use their existing iPods for viewing critical drug interaction data at all times. We successfully turned their trusted music players into powerful and convenient data warehouses by implementing a server that could feed them iTunes updates of the data.

2007 - 3NF integrates Topic Map with THUDD and TILDA.
One of the main strengths of THUDD/TILDA is to give users a multitude of choices for viewing and analyzing their information. We implemented two new views based on Topic Maps, to generate a new graph and tree map.

2007 - 3NF develops Topic Maps systems for Japanese institute.
An interesting and useful paradigm in recent years has been Topic Maps. Similar to the idea of Mind Maps, it is another way to organize and view information; giving us new insights that may not have been evident before.

2006: 3NF designs secure infrastructure for financial network.
3NF was challenged to design a system to protect a global financial network, and succeeded. Our proposal was accepted after demonstrating how the system could withstand multiple security threats from hackers, political instability, internal compromises, natural disasters, software or hardware failures.

2006 - 3NF delivers TILDA; a THUDD OEM for TGS Corporation.
One of our partner companies in Japan was interested in expanding the multilingual abilities of THUDD and tailoring it more for Japanese clients. The successful completion led to another interesting new use for TILDA: modeling criminal behavior for social scientists. A great demonstration of the unlimited uses of TILDA.

2006 - 3NF begins work on ERP and Service Desk systems.
»Click here to find out more about our ERP and Service Desk solutions.
This is the beginning of our efforts to enter the financial markets and other sectors to support Enterprise Resource Planning and ITIL standards for Service Desk.

2005 - 3NF participates in U.S. government downsizing effort, using THUDD.
This is an enormous effort, reengineering business operations for an organization with tens of thousands of people. We will not develop any software for this effort. We are analysts, using THUDD to help manage the huge volume of information and communication.

2005 - Kosmos and www.midori.hu make big splash!
Sister company launched for dedicated support of Kosmos.
»Visit now to find out more about this realtime, J2EE Java portlet solution for project monitoring.

2005 - 3NF introduces WASP
WASP stands for Web-Application Skeleton Package. It is a common base where the development of new 3NF web-applications start from.

2005 - 3NF delivers accounting and billing system for Japanese corporation.

2005 - 3NF introduces TIRADE, a 3D simulator for the construction industry.

2004 - 3NF software is adopted by users in over 40 countries.

2004 - 3NF releases first THUDD web application.
»Click here to find out more about THUDD.

10 Sep 2004 - License free GDL Scripter now available
Download it for free and use the full version of the software.
» More GDL Scripter

5 Feb 2004 - GDL Scripter version 2.05 is released
This new test-release:

  • supports new GDL commands introduced in ArchiCAD 8
  • provides better compatibility with the different operating systems
  • contains several bugfixes
Download it for free and feel free to contribute and to create your own language version!
» More GDL Scripter

23 Jan 2004 - The new 3NF corporate website is online
Any comment is welcome at: 3nf@3nf.com

3 Oct 2003 - ALEX SDK version 1.0 is released
ALEX (Abstract Library for XVL) offers a simple, fast and cost-effective way to develop XVL solutions.
» More ALEX
» More XVL

2003 - 3NF develops web portal for major Japanese bank.

2003 - Top home builder in Japan deploys 3NF software for 3D.

2002 - 3NF develops floor plan portal system for major home builders.
Click here to find out more about our Fax Server system that was developed for this project.

2002 - 3NF releases Business Card system for analog printing.

2001 - 3NF designs and demonstrates online GDL system.
Click here to find out more about our GDL System.

2001 - 3NF develops Business Card system for digital printing.
Click here to find out more about Bizcard.

2001 - 3NF incorporates (K.K.) in Japan.

2000 - 3NF awarded contracts at multiple Air Force bases for Housing System.

1999 - 3NF develops Housing Management System for U.S. Air Force.

1998 - 3NF designs and develops first THUDD application.
Click here to find out more about THUDD.

1998 - 3NF delivers Project Management application for U.S. Army.

1998 - 3NF begins new projects for U.S. Army's GIS initiatives.

1997 - 3NF is formally incorporated in NY.

1996 - 3NF founder delivers six new database applications to U.S. Air Force.

1996 - 3NF founder recruits ten people to support GIS and CAD projects, IT Service Desk, and enterprise system development.

1995 - 3NF founder secures first military contracts with U.S Air Force.

(Last update: July 8, 2009)

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